One of the first trucks that Frank Campbell put to work in 1926 for his new business was a Mack Truck.

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This model Mack became popular during World War 1 and when it appeared with the U.S. troops in Europe the British started calling it a “Bulldog”. Many years later the Mack Truck Company started to mount a chrome bulldog on top of the truck hood, a logo they would use on the more than 47,000 B Model diesel trucks produced between 1953 and 1966.

Frank Campbell And Bill Royston
Frank Campbell And Bill Royston

Frank Campbell and the Campbell 66 Express Supt. Of Maintenance, Bill Royston were instrumental in making a choice of the B-61 Model of Mack during these years of operation.





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They chose the Mack because of the easy maintenance design, better fuel mileage and durable reputation.

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Tank the dogThe Mack Truck Company used the bulldog in their sales promotion and advertised their trucks at the annual meetings of the Missouri Bus & Truck Association and the American Trucking Association. At the Missouri Bus & Truck meeting in 1961 Mrs. Campbell won the give-a-way prize which was an English bulldog. The family named it Tank.

During the 1960’s Mr. Campbell was given a Mack Bulldog Coin Bank that he displayed in his office until one day he gave it away to Bruce Crim ( Director of Marketing) for a job well done.

Mack bank

This Bulldog has had excellent care for over 50 years and will be donated to the Springfield History Museum on the Square in Springfield, Missouri as part of their new Route 66 Display.

For more information about the Mack Truck Company History please refer to the “Wheels of Time” issue dated July/August, 2015. This is a publication by the American Historical Society based in Kansas City, Missouri. ( Frank Campbell was a founding member of this Society).


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